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About us

A Message from Our Founder


Thank you for visiting our Website.  I believe as you peruse through our story, you will be moved with compassion and compelled to be apart of and support our mission.  Whether you choose to be an ambassador, volunteer, sponsor, donor, or advocate, it moves us closer to our goals - improving the lives of young people.


This organization was not started on a whim but on the foundation of Spiritual guidance and my years of experience working with the youth. I was a mentor to children and youth since the age of 21 through the Girl Scout program, Young Life, and church. I carefully selected a Board of  Directors with outstanding ethics and committed to the mission and an advisory board of educators dedicated to the academic success of students. The boards are an asset to the development and implementation of our programs.


I have spent tireless hours developing plans which address the individual and corporate needs of the students and families we serve. Those hours include attending conferences, meetings, researching, networking, and late hours of preparation of resources.


To sustain and provide our services free to students, we depend on funding from individual donors like you and foundation grants. Your individual donation is applied in total towards the direct support of our programs.  We are a volunteer-based operated organization. We depend on volunteers to provide their time, experience, and knowledge with our students. 


Your generosity is truly appreciated!


Lynda Wright Gittens

Founder and Executive Director

Academic Advisory Board

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Our Vision

BYCE envisions an academic world that embraces students with unique learning styles, providing enriched instructional programs to enhance their future


    “We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.” 

        - Mary Dunbar


Our Mission

To nurture the development and aid in improving grade level skills and test scores of students with unique learning styles through specialized academic instructional and life skill programs.  We journey with them from Classroom to College to Careers to Community Involvement while helping remove social, economic, and educational obstacles to our students’ success. 

    “We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn.”

          - Mary Catherine Bateson, Writer

The Board

Founder, CEO and Executive Director

 - Dr. Lynda Wright Gittens 


 - Sharleyne Silcott

Interim Secretary


 Board Members

  - Karren Edwards

  - Ursula Hall

  - Paula Faison Johnson 


 - Shahara Wright Menchan,  The Wright Law Firm  

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