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Our History

December 2008  -  Our founder, Lynda Gittens, spent 30 days in Sunyani, Ghana, West Africa. Her heart was full of love and a desire to help the youth in that country. Upon returning to the states, she spoke with teachers to learn the needs of students in Houston. 


May 18, 2009 -  Babies Youth Children Empowerment Ministries, Inc. was born. 


September 2009  -  Incorporated as an exempt non-profit organization in Texas. 


April 2010 -   We held our first school supply drive to celebrate our first year anniversary. The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council partnered with us, along with our wonderful donors.


August 2011 -  We distributed school supplies and books to 125 students in Ghana, 100 students attending an all-boys school in the inner city of Houston, students residing in a transitional home - Madge Bush, Yellowstone Academy, and the Covenant House Teens. We provide school supplies in August and January.


July 2012 -   We began our Character Development Program - Backyard Bible Camp at a low-income apartment located in the Sunnyside community of Houston.


September 2012 - We began our one on one Our of School Tutorial sessions for Grades K-12 for various communities. Harris County,  Fort Bend County, and Brazoria County.


July 2013 -    We began, in the Sunnyside Community, our Academic Enrichment and Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Summer program for Grades 3-9. 


September 2014 - We began our College 10N1 SAT Tutoring program for students academically struggling in their class studies and/or test-taking who cannot afford the high cost of SAT corporate programs.


November 2014 - We began a Literacy program - Read Write Action. This program was financially supported by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation

September 2020 - We began virtual tutorial programs...

Present - We still love and advocate for students with unique learning styles who need academic support to succeed in their academic expectations. We expanded to educate and support parents on the rights of school academic accommodations. 

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