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Need to Know - Online STAAR Test

Texas has moved from paper to online testing - STAAR. This may be a challenge for some students. Students have been using the computer for school work. Many know how to navigate through the screens. But for those who struggle...   BYCE is aiding parents to assist their students with the online STAAR test with less stress. 

Things to Think About - Did you know?

According to the TEA policy on the STAAR - 

Test Time

  • Students with special educational needs - academic accommodations - There is no time limit but remember school is not going to be open all day. 

Test Format

  • Short response options - Students can use speech-to-text for writing their responses. (Microsoft word)

  • Writing Editing - Studnet will need to know the writing rules of capitalization, punctuation, 

  • No Essay Writing

  • Reading Section - Students will make a short response

Test Assistance

  • Submit a Request for a Special Administration of an Online Assessment. Deadline   

  • Teachers should be practicing the STAAR test online

  • Dictionaries are allowed -  spelling assistance (downloaded Grammarly)

  • Supplemental aids used in the classroom - Click

  • SPED Fifth graders and up will be given calculators, especially those challenged in Math

  • Basic Transcribing when the student cannot input their response, allows a test administrator to transfer student responses into the online test form 

  • For questions about TEA-designated supports or the Accommodation Request Process, contact TEA’s Accommodations Task Force at 512-463-9536. 

  • Test accommodations request process - click

Student Assistance

  • Students with Dyslexia should have software to speak into (speech-to-text) wordprocessing software 

  • Provide reminder techniques to aid the student in staying on task - Using Individualized Structured Reminders remind students to stay on task and focused by the test administrators

  • Use their browser tools to make any online worksheet larger

  • Oral reading to the student - oral directions

  • Request a smaller group of testers to aid in your student's focus

  • Share student with supplemental aids - T Charts, Graphic Organizers for reading, Grahe sheets for math

  • Work this out with the teacher/school


  • The State has no historical data to compare the student's performance using the online STAAR test

  • The State has no performance metric to measure the student's performance

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