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It’s Your Time to Shine

Seats Are Available for the October, November, and December SAT

As college application season ramps up, now is a great time to consider taking or retaking the SAT. Even if all the colleges on your list have test-optional policies, you can leverage your score to showcase your skills, confirm your GPA, and open doors to scholarships. Registration dates and deadlines are below.

Upcoming 2023 Weekend SAT Dates

Test Date:
October 7

Register by Sept. 7

Late Registration Deadline: September 26

Test Date:
November 4

Register by Oct. 5

Late Registration Deadline: October 24

Test Date:
December 2

Register by Nov. 2

Late Registration Deadline: November 21

Free Test Prep

Boost your confidence on test day. Take advantage of free, personalized SAT practice at Khan Academy®. Explore practice problems, video lessons, and full-length practice tests.

Get Started

Fee Waiver Benefits

If you qualify for a fee waiver, you'll get to take the SAT for free and have access to several other benefits to help you apply for college. If you think you're eligible, talk to your school counselor about getting a fee waiver code.


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