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Academic Programs

Teacher and Young Student

We are more than a tutorial service. We serve the families as if they were family not only the student with academic studies. We evaluate their performance to determine if there is a need to be observed for any learning challenges. We guide the family through the process of helping the student achieve. We provide information on resources that will aid the family in helping their child be successful.  We care about the mental health of our students offering mindfulness sessions. 



Grades K-12.

NEW!!! Math Session to aid students' challenge with the basic academic skills. We will cover Math, Reading, and Writing. We will assess the student's progress to determine what additional help they need. If it has been determined that more hours are needed, we will schedule one-on-one tutorials at no additional cost. In November, we will begin with math skills. 

  COST: $25 per month per subject! For the School year 2024 - 2025, school academic support programs. 


The Magic Math program covers basic skills, including calculation techniques, tips, tricks, and strategies. The math modules are addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, math symbols and terms, decimals and percentages, fractions, word problems, and pre-algebra. 

The Rocking Reading program covers basic skills in comprehension, fluency, techniques, tips, tricks, strategies, and more. They will include comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, main idea, sequence, grammar, punctuation, Essay tips, diphthongs, phonics, digraphs, parts of speech, and more.

Go to the forms and register your student. Upon your student's sessions begin, you will receive a payment request.

Sessions From October- May       


  • Is your student struggling with learning academic skills using the standardized method?

  • Is your student struggling with class subjects?

  • Is your student struggling with passing standardized tests?

  • Is your student diagnosed with a Learning Difference?


Your student may have a unique learning style. We want to help your student!


On weeknights and weekends, we assist students at risk of achieving their scholastic goals to achieve their destiny. We focus on students who reside in low-income communities, from a single-parent moderate-income family, a free lunch school program recipient, or a single moderate-income two-parent home. We meet at several locations around the city. 


Our comprehensive programs enhance their learning through one-on-one tutoring by equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in challenging subjects, study, and test-taking skills. We take time to understand the student and their best way of learning.  For example:


  • use inventive ways of learning

  • develop a learning journey for their development

  • help the student take command of the subject

  • provide effective study and testing skills


Our volunteer staff includes certified teachers, education students, experienced tutors, and college students who have a love to teach and help others achieve. 


COST: $25* monthly (Elem—High School) per tutorial session. Sessions are once a week and last 1-2 hours each. If you sign up for two subjects or two students, a discount will be applied.  

For Group rates, please email the program manager at


To register your child click here for the form 







$125 for SAT Math Sessions - for materials 

$175 for SAT Reading Sessions - for materials

 Sponsoships for families on governement assistance. 

  Payment plan for those requiring financial assistance.

We serve students who struggle academically during their school year and need academic assistance to obtain an acceptable score on the SAT exam. Struggling is identified as having a learning difference defined under the IDEA law or academically struggling in Math or English subjects. Most of our students are non-traditional learners, which may include any of the following: struggle in class or on standardized tests or have diagnosed learning disabilities such as dyslexia or autism.  We have aided students in achieving a successful SAT score after they struggled to obtain a successful SAT score on their past SAT(s).


Our course includes practice and timed tests, online practice, homework, and individual/group tutoring in Math, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing.  In addition, we provide aid:  

  • In High School Graduation Plan

  • Career Goals

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • College Prep - identify the appropriate college for your skills and future

  • College Prep - SAT strengthening skills of challenge - to increase SAT score for acceptability 

  • Virtual College Tours

  • FASFA, parent loans, scholarships, work-study programs

 Our tutors are wonderful volunteers who are retired teachers, exemplary students, successful professionals, and individuals who want to share their knowledge and experience.


SAT schedule


Our classes have limited spaces!   COST:  $300* for math and reading tutorials, which includes materials (*Free to those who qualify for the free lunch program based on the federal government).  $75 EACH YEAR AFTERWARDS, and you can attend until entrance into college. 


To register  your student, click here for the form





Reignite Summer Bridge Enrichment Program


 Cost: $75 (covers up to 12 sessions, up to 2 hours per session) Up to 24 hours in tutoring per subject. Additional subjects are $50 each.   For returning students, the cost is $50, and $30 for each additional. 

  Scholarships are available for families on government assistance, and payment plans are available for those in need of financial assistance. 

This will be a virtual day and an in-person camp.  For, Grades 3-12 

    - Free for students qualified for the free lunch program 

Program Goals


The Summer Bridging Enrichment Camp is designed to:


  • Increase and Strengthen their skills in the above area

  • Provide hands-on exploration in science, math, engineering, and technology

  • Produce engaging and enriching experiences for students

  • Promote activities that will help students learn critical skills for their futures

  • Provide strategies that will enhance the student's reading and math skill

  • Study and Test Strategies 


Eligibility - Students in need of skill development. 


To register your student, click here for the form.   


 *Qualifications for Free Services

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