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Working from Home


Due to Virtual learning, we are offering academic support during and after school hours.  Families are facing many challenges balancing work, life, and online school.  They are concerned about their child falling back in their skills and ability to function in this new learning platform. 


 Our service will include, but not limited to:

  • Monitoring the students work assignments to ensure they are completed

  • Answer questions the student may have during school hours at designated times

  • Assist them with their classwork and homework daily to keep them from falling behind

  • Providing parents with updates on the student's academic experience

  • Monitor the student's attendance in class, as needed

 Paid Tutors:

  • Certified or working on certification for teaching

  • Have at least a year working with young people

  • Available to work up to December 20th or as long as virtual learning is available

  • Able to work with more than one students

  • Work at least two hours daily (M-F)

  • Stipend up to $20 per hour online (depending on experience) 

If you are interested, please submit an application. Tutor application 

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