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School Supply Drive— August-December

We provide school supplies to students whose families are financially challenged and unable to provide the necessary tools needed for the student’s success. We will begin our collection of supplies in August and continue through December. We make a major distribution to students and schools in January to replenish the necessary supplies for the students to complete their school year successfully. We have provided supplies to students in Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Wharton County over the years. There are still schools in surrounding areas trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey. Please invest in these students’ academic success. It is a positive seed deposited into the development of their self-esteem. You can donate supplies, order the supplies to be shipped to us, or make a monetary donation.


Suggested School Supply List:


Lined Notebook Paper              Child Safety Scissor

  (college lined and wide)          1" Binders     

Composition Notebooks           Mechanical Pencils and lead 

  (college lined and wide)          Three Subject Spiral Tables    
No. 2 Pencils                               Colored Pencils

3-hole Tab Dividers for               Black and Blue Ballpoint Pens

Binders                                         Pocket 3 prong Folders 

Index Cards (lined)                     Erasers (pointed and flat)

Highlighters                                One Subject Spiral Tablets

Hand Sanitizer                            Pencil Sharpeners

Flash drives 2g & 4g                  Rain Ponchos

Crayons 24-count                      Glue (bottle and sticks)

Host A Treasure Home Party


Invite your friends and family to get together at your home or a venue. It can be an organization or a business drive.  

Serve refreshments and ask them to bring school supplies to the party!  

We will provide backpacks or another type of container for your collection and pick them up when filled!  

Thank you for helping students in need!!!  SIGN UP TO HOST


For information -  SCHOOLSUPPLIES

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